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If you’re wondering what on earth I’m rambling about on this blog, I wanted to help you out by collecting some useful links and giving you a bit of an overview of what I’ve been up to in my (short and sweet!) life. This is a darn good place to start if you’re new to this blog!



First, a little timeline…

+ December 1989. Poison’s “Every rose has it thorns” was number one on the charts (did you just start singing eeeeeevery rooooose— in your head? I know I did), “Driving Miss Daisy” was playing in the movie theatres, the Berlin Wall had fallen, Microsoft Office had just been released, and I was born.

+ The next 16 years went by in a flash – at least that’s what Mom always says.

+ 2006-2007. I moved abroad for the first time to be a foreign exchange student in Ohio, where I spent a year living with a wonderful host family. For someone who had dreamed of America for as long as I can remember, it was a pretty big deal. High school, swim team, spring musical, family trip to Niagara falls and Toronto, visiting New York for the first time (dream come true!), road-tripping through some neighbouring states over spring break, snow days and ski trip in the winter months, way too much food, and lots and lots of love and laughter. One of the best years of my life.

+ I went back to Norway to finish high school and took a gap year after graduating and worked full-time as a phone techie for a small Blackberry provider company in Oslo. So random. So much fun.

+ 2009. Landed a job with Ving, Scandinavia’s largest travel agency, and worked as a tour guide abroad for the next 2.5 years. You can read about where I lived and worked in this post.

+ 2012. Moved back home to Oslo and got a job at Ving’s main offices as a travel consultant. Actually, my job title was “Vacation Consultant.” Isn’t that just so cute? I loved my title 🙂 I adore my previous employer and everything I’ve been able to do while working for them, but Oslo isn’t quite where my heart feels at home just yet

+ July 2013 I moved to the Sunshine Coast in Australia and I feel it deep in my bones that this is going to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I explained how I ended up in Australia in this post.


What else?

Wondering why the blog’s called The Happy Camper Project? This is how it came about.

I post love letters every Sunday as a way to express gratitude and remind myself, and all of you, of all the joys in life – no matter how big or small. You can read my love letters here.

I travel a lot, and I really look forward to sharing some stories of my travels with you! Travel is my passion and it’s without doubt what brings the most joy in my life (apart from the people in my life who I love, of course).

I love food and I love to cook, so from time to time I share recipes on this blog.

Oh, I should probably tell you! I don’t cook just anything. You can read about how I accidentally became a vegetarian here, how I finally admitted it here,  and how I approach this thing called “clean eating” here. I’m still getting the hang of this plant-based diet thing and there is so much to learn. I’m so happy to share some of the things I’m learning with you here on this blog, and maybe you’ll even be inspired to swap some things in your pantry for healthier alternatives yourself 😉 The bottom line is that I want to get people pumped about cooking from scratch! Homemade makes all the difference, folks!

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Let food be thy medicine

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