The good things in life

It’s that time of the week again!

Erika hosts the Gratitude 101 linkup, and I get to put up a post celebrating some of the highlights of the past week 🙂

GRAD-ITUDE 101: A Linkup By Chimerikal


There have been plenty of blissful moments, but it’s also been a week of testing my ability to be thankful for even the things that don’t exactly go the way I want them to.

I’ve been sick, but not sick enough to go to the doctor or stay in bed, which I think we can all agree is the worst kind of sick. It means doing all your chores, going to school/work, being social when you’re expected to… but no exercise, no good night’s sleep, no yoga, no energy. I don’t like feeling unproductive and I go stir-crazy without my morning runs, so I’m not feeling my best right at the moment.

You know that voice in your head, that little gremlin, that tends to be really annoyed in times like that? This is when it’s crucial for me that I transform that voice into my best friend and remember to be kind to myself, above all else.

I focus on the simple things I can do to make a difference: prepare nourishing meals for myself, lots of herbal tea and vitamin C, morning meditations, sleep in even though it’s a Tuesday. These are all little joys too.

Being grateful isn’t something you save only for the good days. It’s a practice that you need to bring into every living moment.

This week reminded me that no matter what state – sick or healthy – I wake up in…

…begin each day with a grateful heart.

Here are some happy moments of the week:


Surprise birthday decorations

+ Putting a smile on someone’s face

This Sunday was my roommate’s birthday. While he had lots of plans with his friends and things going on that day, I’m a firm believer that you can never get too much attention on your birthday. So surprise decorations were in order, and seeing his face when he came out of his room on Sunday morning was priceless. It’s the little things that count!

Warning: Hypothetically speaking; if you’ve gone to the liquor store and asked for the “cheapest vodka you have” earlier in the day, and then had a vodka-drinking party with your friends until the wee hours of the morning… it’s a really stupid idea to start blowing up 40 balloons by yourself when you get home.

Don’t do it. Just don’t. But rest assured, if you do pass out, you’ve got 40 balloons to break the fall.


Hearty salad and white wine, Mooloolaba

+ The little moments that make you feel like today is special

Everyday life is to be celebrated, and the simple pleasure of a chilled glass of wine to go with our lunch on the Mooloolaba esplanade made it feel like we were on vacation all of a sudden. Brainstorming actual plans for an upcoming vacation made it all even more perfect. Good food, great company, the coast bathed in sunshine… What more could a girl ask for?


New Girl 'BOOM!' GIF

+ Skipping winter

I can’t believe I actually pulled it off, but I’m officially skipping winter this year.

I left Norway in the middle of summer and arrived in Australian winter in July. Here in Queensland, winters aren’t too bad at all, but this one flew by so fast I barely noticed it. Sure, there were some rainy days for the first few weeks, but August has just been glorious…! This week you could really tell that the weather was warming up as well, and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: Spring. You’re here. We welcome you.

Looking forward to lots and lots of days like these in the near future….

Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia


roasted chickpea and broccoli burrito

+ Thug Kitchen

*if you have a problem with the f-word, best not click on the link 

An amazing thing happened: I just recently discovered Thug Kitchen, which is probably best described as a gangsta vegan food blog.

This blog is hilarious…. and the recipes look amazing! Some of my favorites: this, this and this. A book deal has been signed, so by fall next year you can buy the Thug Kitchen cookbook. I definitely plan to! 😉

The first recipe I’ve tasted is this little guy in the picture above, and it was AWESOME. In fact, I’m eating leftovers of this for lunch today once I’ve finished writing this post.

(Recipe found here).

— also, who am I kidding: food in general. I made my favorite healthy blueberry muffins this week and a crapload of vegan burritos that totally blew my mind… might share the recipe for those in the near future 😉

Healthy blueberry muffins; Vegan burritos


That’s it for this week’s spotlight on gratitude!

A million little things happen during the week that deserves our appreciation, and don’t forget to acknowledge all those moments. Nothing is too big or too small to deserve some gratitude vibes  😉 

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8 responses

  1. I love this post! It’s great you are trying to be kind to yourself especially when you are feeling lousy – also, thanks for the tip on drunken balloon activities, haha.

  2. Oh man! I feel you so much on this one, Christine! I’ve been having a bit of the same thing — low energy but not sick enough to forego any of the stuff I need to do. Bleh! But you’re right — it’s moments like that that really challenge us to truly practice our gratitude and like you said, be kind to ourselves (and not let the inner-critic take over). And I loved the items you picked for your list! And what a good roomie/friend you are! :))) Blowing up all of those balloons even with your challenging “circumstances.” Hahaha! 🙂

    • Before you call me a good roomie, him and I are currently playing our favorite little passive aggressive game: I refuse to clean up the mess from his birthday party (even though I was the one who insisted on the decorations…) and he refuses to do the dishes because it annoys him that I want them cleaned the second he’s finished eating. So right now our apartment is literally a mess of dying balloons, streamers, and dirty cereal bowls. I predict ants in the near future, but I will NOT give in. Haha…

      I loved your post on gratitude this week!!! Pure awesome-ness. It’s not about the circumstances – it’s about how we receive them, with a love-based or fear-based mindset… Definitely something I needed to keep in check this week 😉

  3. Hi Christine! Love your blog and even though its the first time I post a comment, I’ve been following you since the 90 Day Transformation Project! 🙂 I definitely share the gratitude vibes and agree with you! I also love all things healthy, travels and nuggets of wisdom! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Your blog and big smile inspires me and give me good vibes! Hope you don’t mind the little challenge! 😉 A few questions to answer on…. Thanks and keep the great positive vibe! ♥

    • Hi Marisa! Oh WOW, this put the biggest smile on my face this morning! What a sweet comment to wake up to 😀 Thank you so much for your kind words!!!

      I’ve been reading trough your post, and this seems like so much fun – can’t wait to dive in! In the meantime, have a great day, beautiful! 😉

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