There is always room for gratitude

Erika is an awesome blogger I “met” this spring when we did a 3-month e-course together with the absolutely brilliant soul that is life coach Connie Chapman (you can read Erika’s awesome review of the program here, and here’s the link to the program that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for change in their lives. I’d love to tell you more about my own experiences with this coaching program, but for now it’s still very personal and dear to me. So we’ll save it for a rainy day…;)

GRAD-ITUDE 101: A Linkup By Chimerikal

Erika just started this linkup (blog lingo. literally just found out what this is one week ago) called Gratitude 101, and I knew I had to jump on the train, because getting serious about practicing gratitude changed everything for me.

picture quote gratitude

Gratitude – turns what you have,
and what you are, into enough

I take the business of practicing gratitude very seriously (⋙insert serious frown), and for months I would sit down for 10 minutes before bed and write in my gratitude journal. The idea is to acknowledge all the itty bitty things that happen during the day that made me happy or that I could be grateful for, while also reminding myself of the ‘big ones’ – my family, my friendships, my health etc.

Often my lists consisted of simple things like,
  • freshly cleaned sheets 
  • my green smoothie in the morning
  • seeing people being happy in the parks when the sun suddenly came out in Oslo
  • having time to actually talk to my sister during a 30-minute car drive
  • nailing an amazing recipe I found on Pinterest
  • Yogi tea ♥

I don’t write these lists religiously anymore like I used to, because I feel like the practice of gratitude and acknowledging all these little joys is so deeply instilled in me now that I don’t need the daily ritual. But make no mistake about it – whenever the mood strikes, I love sitting down with a cup of tea and my gratitude journal and let the love flow…

And now I’m bringing some of the action over to the blog!

Here’s what’s been thrilling me lately

+ Nature

Yup, just nature! A wave of inspiration came over me last week and I’ve not been able to stop pinning beautiful outdoors-y pictures to my new favorite Pinterest board. Hours have been wasted (though never really wasted if it makes your heart sing) looking up beautiful pictures of mountains and waterfalls and campfires online.

I think what sparked it was going through pictures from Step-Father’s trip up to Andøya in northern Norway, earlier this summer. You can see my first post about the place here, and some more pictures that I posted a few days ago here.

mist over mountains, Bleik, Andøya, Norway

+ Finally feeling like I can do this

Going back to school after a 4-5 year hiatus is a little bit daunting.

I had no idea how I would respond to the demands of university-level education, and for the first few weeks I definitely rocked a “fake it ’till you make it”-attitude. Who was I to know how much time I should spend on doing different things, or how to prepare for this and that. Panic hit after I got back from my short trip home to Norway, and I wondered how the hell I was supposed to catch up and get all my assignments done – because they tend to all fall in the same week, don’t they….

Now that I’ve handed in a couple assignments and got to do my all-time favourite (oral presentation! I’m actually not being sarcastic at all. I love it) yesterday, I feel like this is going to be okay.

I’m slowly getting into a groove. And damn, it feels good.

study desk, with inspirational quotes

+ Writing 

It feels like I currently have about 46 drafts on my blog dashboard.

Might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the point remains that I’ve been spending a lot of time jotting down ideas and feeling inspired by reading other blog posts around the ol’ internet. I really do cherish the time I spend on this blog (and this little hobby does take a lot of time…), though at the moment, I might be a little bit all over the place.

Some days all I want to do is start writing 5 different posts about travel and amazing places I’ve been that I want to share stories about. Other days (usually after reading a few chapters in whichever nutrition book is currently sitting on my nightstand), I want to stand up with a megaphone and share what I’m learning about health. And then sometimes I just want to write about nothing too specific, and try to entertain some poor old bugger who’s maybe not my Mom.

I’m kind of diggin’ it, though; writing a lot and about whatever I feel that day 🙂

+ This place

mooloolaba beach

I live roughly 20 minutes from this little slice of heaven (otherwise known as Mooloolaba Beach). In a few months’ time, I plan to live a 5-minute walk from there.

Just that, right there, is enough to remind me that I am such an incredibly lucky girl, and I must never ever forget to express gratitude for my life and the places I get to see and get to live in. I chose this path, and it’s not easy every day, all day, all of the time, being away from family and friends and trying to figure out where I could create a happy home for myself.

But oh my god it’s worth it when I look back at the places I’ve lived and the memories I’ve made so far.

My ability to adapt – that’s something I’m extremely grateful for. bloom where planted picture quote via


Do yourself a favor and fill your days up with a little more gratitude…. ♥

Total gamechanger. I promise. 

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6 responses

  1. Du, jeg harte fra min tidligere roomie, Elisa, at Alexandria Beach var HELT fantastisk og hun råder ALLE til å bo der.. Har du vært der?? 🙂

  2. Ja, Alexandra Headlands og Mooloolaba Beach ligger rett ved siden av hverandre- Mooloolaba er litt større og ikke så mye bølger. Med andre ord, surferne henger på Alex 😉 Det er nyyyydelig der! Du får se å komme deg ned hit en gang 🙂

  3. This post made me smile! I love how you divided your gratitude path into different areas and categories…And I LOVE what you said about gratitude turning what you have and what you are into enough! That is awesome and so true…hope to see you join the link up again next week?!

  4. Christine! Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind words and also for participating in this gratitude project! I love that someone from Connie’s 90 Days is participating alongside me and supporting it!

    I love how you shared your gratitude for those particular areas and it was fun reading the specifics. I was just smiling as I read this because I knew that you genuinely were pleased and thankful about your life. And now I am so wanting to read about all these places you’ve gone and all the ideas you’ve got in your blogger’s dashboard! And those photos on the posts you linked — especially Nature being Cheaper Than Therapy are insanely beautiful!!! 🙂 I never thought of finding a sense of peace and beauty through collecting nature pictures, but I can see how it’s the next best thing to getting out there and being with those stunning vistas!

    Good luck with school and catching up with everything! :)))

    • Thanks, Erika! Oh man, daydreaming about adventures in nature is one of my favorite activities (yes, I just called it an activity). I am so freakin’ PSYCHED that you started this project, especially since I sort of feel like I know where you’re coming from with all this 😉 And I never say no to an opportunity to spread the gratitude-message!

      You have so many amazing things happening right now, buddy! Congratulations!!! 🙂 I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to follow along and see where this is headed 😀

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