The most beautiful island in Norway

Andøya, Norway

Oh boy, do I have a real treat for you today!!!

Let’s talk about exotic places around the world for a second. For me, exotic destinations are places like the Kenyan savannah, Indonesia, Bora Bora, and Buenos Aires. In other words, expensive and hard to reach/offers beaches/likely to challenge my guts of steel. For others, it’s Northern Norway (expensive and hard to get to; check).

Step-father comes from a small island called Andøya which is way up north in Norway. If you don’t know someone from there and you’ve actually heard of it, it means one of two things:

  1. You heard of  it on the context of whale-watching safaris, which goes on there
  2. You heard of it because of its Rocket Range. That’s right – like, space rockets. Into outer space

Norway map

I’ve been up there visiting the extended family a few times over the years, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. Summers on Andøya consist of

  • midnight sun
  • eating cloudberries (the place is filled with them!)
  • fishing and hiking in the mountains
  • picking wild strawberries from Bonus-Grandmother’s garden
  • gasping at the beyond-gorgeous beaches (just don’t dip your toes! freezing! arctic, I tell you!)
  • ….enjoying life in a really slow pace….

Road to Andøya, NorwayBreivika Andøya, NorwayAndøya, Norwaybeach Andøya, Norway

Andøya, NorwayBleik, Andøya, Norway

Lucky for us, Step-father has graciously let me dive into his photo albums and steal pictures from Andøya to show you guys.

“Just make sure you hustle it really well and get some more tourists up there,” he said.

“Oh sure! I promise I won’t even mention the 5 gazillion mosquitoes in summertime or how you have to wear 5 layers of wool clothing even in August cause of the wind.”


View from top of Andøya, NorwayView to bay Andøya, NorwayAndøya, NorwayBleik Andøya, NorwayBleik beach Andøya, NorwayBleik beach Andøya, Norwayview across the water Andøya, Norway


I mean… it’s totally breathtaking, right?  

How lucky am I to have an excuse to keep coming back here…!

Now, let’s make Step-father happy! What’s your favorite shot from Andøya? Ever been there? If you have some great pictures from Northern Norway, please leave a link in the comments! I’d love to see 🙂


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*All photos by Odd Lambersøy


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  1. S kul innfallsvinkel til Andya! Skjnner at du har ftt tilgang til Dropboxen 🙂 Fortsatt god (ettermiddag) fra mam

    Den 21. aug. 2013 kl. 02:01 skrev The Happy Camper Project:

    > >

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