Let’s compromise: Mount Coluum

meg på toppen

I happened to be looking at my post about Mooloolaba the other day when I suddenly  laughed out loud (which often happens when I notice how much of a weirdo I am). Here I am professing my deep sense of belonging at the beach and describing in detail how I can’t imagine ever being happier than when I am on a beach… when it dawned on me, it was only a couple of months ago that I wrote a love letter to the mountains. In that post I stated that – and I’m actually quoting myself, here – “all the beautiful beaches in the world combined couldn’t mend my broken heart if I had to live somewhere stripped of mountains for the rest of my life.”

Schizophrenic, much?

This is the part where I have to fess up to being one of those people who over-use terms like my favorite, the best, the greatest, most awesome thing in the whole freakin’ world. It’s a shame, because no one believes me anymore whenever I say things like oh man, this is my favorite song ever! Instead my friends sigh and say, yeah, your fourth favorite song tonight, Christine

In this case, when I realized I’d contradicted myself gravely on my very own blog, I chuckled and tried to ask myself the tough question: Well, which one is it? Can I live without the beach, or can I live without the mountains?

If my parents, siblings, and 200 innocent babies were stuck on a plane hijacked by Dolph Lundgren, the Joker, and that crazy little perverted prince in Game of Thrones and neither Bruce Willis, Nick Cage or Sly Stallone were around to take care of the situation… and the only way I could save them all was to choose which I like best; beaches or mountains…?

Screw it. I couldn’t decide. Instead I went to Mount Coluum where you get to climb a mountain while enjoying views of some of the most stellar beaches in Australia.
Win-win, baby!

going up

mount coluum

lisa og jennifer

mount coluum 3

mount coluum 2

jennifer at the top

going down collage

Have you ever been to Mt Coluum? What do you love about it?
– but most importantly: who’s the coolest bad guy – Dolph, Joker, or Goffrey? 

Xx Christine 


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