A very happy coincidence

A little less than one year ago, when I started to become increasingly interested in health, I started following a few beautifully crafted blogs based here in Australia. There seemed to be a bit of a tribe of women here on the East Coast who became my go-to gals for inspiration and interesting reads on all things wellness, inside and out. Back then the thought of moving to Australia hadn’t even entered my mind; I was focused on getting my application essays ready for the University of Vancouver. But as life would have it, 10 months later I suddenly find myself smack in the middle of the gorgeous views I’ve been seeing pictures of on my favorite blogs.

Growing more and more enamoured by the vegetarian/vegan/raw food movement, I kept stumbling upon a place called Ground which is a café specializing in certified organic raw food. Anytime I came across a reference to the place on blogs or on Instagram I kept thinking, that’s exactly what I’m missing here in Oslo. I wish I had a place like that right outside of my doorstep! In particular, the gorgeous Jess (from the Wellness Warrior) has been raving about this place several times and it got me drooling every single time.

Well, whatdoyaknow! My first week here on the Sunshine Coast I was on the bus driving through a little town called Buderim when I suddenly spotted a very familiar-looking café. Wait, is that..? No..! Is it? Yes, it is! Holy schmoly! And there it was – just a 10-minute drive from where I now live.  How crazy is that? Ever since I made this discovery I’ve been scheming and planning to see when I could find the time to go there. (Australia is strikingly similar to the US in the sense that if you don’t have a car, you’re in trouble. Buses are slow and infrequent and I would have to walk along the highway to get to Buderim by foot.)

My roommate offered to drive me there this past weekend; no doubt because she felt pity for the weird Norwegian who gets this excited about what most people call “rabbit food”. I put my fist in the air and sent a mental high five to one of my Swedish friends here who is as obsessed with green juices as I am. So I rallied up a few buddies and off we went on a sunny Saturday, me acting just as excited as if we were going to a theme park.

ground collage 1

Oh, man… This is place is everything I thought it would be. Welcoming, homey, fresh, good vibes all around. As with all vegan food, it takes some careful navigating on my part to avoid nuts, but the food I tried was absolutely freakin’ delicious. We each had a meal for lunch and then a  green juice to take with us to the beach later. Me and my fellow green juice fan, Moa, were swooning the whole time and decided that, “yup, we need to make this a Sunday tradition as of right now.”

ground collage 2 ground collage 3

My roommate, the driver, is Australian and more of a fried-chicken-with-chips-and-ketchup kind of girl, so this wasn’t exactly her cup of tea… But I loved seeing her give it a try! She told me that her taste buds were slowly dying and that she could barely stomach it (it was a simple green salad) “but at least my insides feel happy!” She was starving two hours later and went on the hunt for a burger.  Oh well… we can’t win ’em all 😉

What better way to end our day than with this little fella?

yoghurt world 2

Ground – you’ll be seeing a lot of me in the months to come! 

Xx Christine


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