Life lately: a round-up

Today is June 1st which marks the beginning of my last month in Oslo! Wooooow!

(If you want to get really technical about it I fly out on July 8th, but those few days between my last day at work and flying off to the southern hemisphere will be a chaotic mess of goodbyes, packing, re-packing, freaking out, and trying to act cool. So June is really my last month of normalcy before  my life is turned upside down – in an amazing way!!).

Now’s the time to mentally prepare myself for the change that’s about to happen. There’s no more to-do lists to hide behind: the flights are booked, the student loan is in, the visa has been granted, and I’m registering for classes. Only thing I can do now is to enjoy my last month, and it’s really starting to hit me that I don’t actually have that many weekends left to do all the things I’d like to before I leave… Eeek! Where did the time go? Back in March, it seemed impossible to hang in there until July… three months felt like three years. And now here we are!

Luckily for this happy camper, the reason the time has gone by so incredibly quickly is that I have been up to some seriously fun stuff with some of my favorite people in the whole entire world.

+ 17. mai.
I mean, come on. It doesn’t get any better than this. It was a perfect day! This year, I spent the entire day with my friends and we made the most of every one of those 24 hours. I’m so grateful to have made those wonderful memories! I’ll keep them with me next May when I won’t be in Norway to experience it.

17. mai collage

+ Spring in Oslo (that immediately turned into summer). 
I am so in love with spring in Norway… I’ve experienced spring in other countries, and it is always a welcome season. But it’s just so much more welcome in Northern countries… am I right? It’s like we really, really deserve it after a beautiful, but painfully cold winter. And winter pretty much lasts from nov/dec to mar/apr up here.

This year it took a while for the grass to get green and for the flowers to bloom. Yes, the snow disappeared not long after Easter, but all the colors didn’t come out for a long time after that. In the past couple of weeks there has just been an EXPLOSION of flowers on the ground and trees blooming and everywhere you look there is so much green that it almost hurts your eyes. It’s magical! My mind was wandering on the bus the other day and I caught myself thinking, There are just many different shades of green… And look at how everything is just bursting into life after such a long hibernation… Wow… What a miracle it is…! This is the miracle of life, dude… I should get off at the next stop and touch that tree there, it’s just so pretty that I— STOP!!! Seriously? I swear, I hadn’t eaten any funny tasting brownies. But that’s apparently how coo-coo I get when I see all these beautiful colors.

To sum up this last week: warm weather, sunshine followed by rain showers, green everywhere, happy people all over Oslo. You won’t find me complaining 😉



+ Being a master chef
My poor sister (who’s also my roommate) must think I’ve completely lost it. Every time I cook up a new dish, it’s followed by me sitting at the kitchen table with my mouth full, going: I mean, whoever marries me is like THE luckiest guys in the entire world because I am an AMAZING cook. I am a rock star in the kitchen. I would marry myself if I could, just to make sure I have myself to cook for me my entire life. I am AWESOME. I’m a little bit in love with the things I cook lately, and I happen to think I’m the best book in the world at the moment.

Before you think I’m totally full of myself, statistically speaking I will encounter a huge kitchen fiasco in about… oh, let’s say 2 days, that will make me question my ability to even boil an egg. So don’t you worry. But I just happen to think that it’s so important to love what you cook! If it’s made with love and you can give yourself a pat on the back and say great job! – I think that’s a massive success. I don’t measure my cooking skills up to Gordon Ramsay any more than you and I would measure our mathematical skills up to Stephen Hawkings. If you love the food that you cook, then you can call yourself your own master chef. End of story.


+ Indulging
I’m currently still at that stage where I’m very mindful about what I eat when I cook for myself – which is 90% of the time – but eat whatever I’m served when I’m a guest. This will probably change in the future, but for now I’m not bringing my own food or making anyone adjust to my dietary restrictions.

Point in case: last Sunday I went to my dad’s house for dinner and successfully devoured a plate filled with only the things I’m trying to avoid. Meat. Gravy. A cheesy béchamel sauce. No fresh vegetables in sight. And it tasted amazing! I was in good company with people I loved, eating a meal made from scratch, and it felt darn good. It’s important, I think, to not get too caught up your own “stuff” about diet and nutrition that you can’t recognize food made with love when it’s put right in front of you. Everything in moderation 🙂

I also went to a friend’s house-warming party and ate a lot of these… ain’t nothing vegan or sugar-free about that cheesecake filling.




June, I welcome you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for me! 

Xx Christine 


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