A love letter to the mountains in Norway

In true Happy Camper spirit, I’ll be posting weekly love letters 🙂  They could be about anything really, anything that made me happy at some point (and most likely still does). My intention is simply to shine a big, bright spotlight on the good things in life!

Since I’m heading into my last month before packing up and moving abroad again, it’s only polite I dedicate a few love letters this month to… Norway.


besseggen no filter

Listen, I love going to the beach just as much as you do. I adore oceans. But all the beautiful beaches in the world combined couldn’t mend my broken heart if I had to live somewhere stripped of mountains for the rest of my life.

It’s really not a myth, guys, there is something in the DNA of Norwegians that pulls us out to the hiking trail week after week, year after year.

Being outside is one thing: one of the first things they teach you in preschool is that you’re required to put on warm clothes and be outside several hours a day. Doesn’t matter if you’ve turned 2 years old or not; doesn’t matter if it’s raining upwards; doesn’t matter if you scream and cry till your lungs give in. Your mamma’s not gonna come save you, kid. You will go outside, and you will enjoy it. Period.

But just being outside doesn’t cut it for most of us. We need to get elevated. To breathe in the “mountain air” and see the view. There is no better therapy, in my book, than to look out on the mountain range surrounding my family’s cabin. It is a view I know like the back of my hand, and it soothes my soul more than any other view I know of. The familiarity of those mountains is something I always miss and long for whenever I call somewhere else home for a period of time.

hytta utsikt

hytta utsikt vinter

Other highlights:

Last summer I went on a road trip across southern Norway with a couple friends to do some hiking in Lysefjorden. Don’t you kinda wish you were there with us on that trip? 😉

kjeragbolten collage

preikestolen meg


I also went away one weekend in September with my dad to walk “Besseggen” which is another one of the more famous hiking trails in Norway. Absolutely blew me away…! Can you believe how lucky we are to have nature like this?

besseggen vakkert

besseggen toppen

besseggen topp

Oh man, I’m really gonna miss these spectacular views…

Thanks for all the fun memories, all the crazy weather changes from hour to hour, all the mandatory mountain-top chocolate breaks, all the stale sandwiches I’ve eaten on these trips over the years. Those mountains in Norway really know how to steal a girl’s heart… See ya soon! 

Xx Christine


4 responses

    • Oh, thank you!! 🙂 The lake is called “Gjende” and it’s one of the most famous lakes in Jotunheimen. And yup, it gets the emerald green color from a glacier somwhere further up north. It’s absolutely breathtaking! Should be on every person’s bucket list.

      • You know what’s surprising (to me, anyway; I told a friend and she looked at me like I’m stupid) and disappointing?

        When you’re standing next to a glacial lake like that, with the unbelievably beautiful turquoise color that looks like nothing else on Earth and makes your heart sing … it’s a more unique experience than I’d think. I filled an empty glass bottle from Diablo Lake, which is about the same color, put a cap on it, and took it home. Looked like any other water, perfectly clear, not a hint of greenish blue.

        This is a beauty that can only be enjoyed in the mountains, where it belongs.

        • Wow, I didn’t know that..!
          Goes to show that things should be preserved in their natural environment, I guess… and why it’s so important to actually *go see things* in their natural environment 😉

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