Mornings are my favorite

I have friends and ex-roommates who are baffled by the amount of time I have to ”just hang out” in the morning. I have to remind myself sometimes that this is not necessarily normal – most young people who don’t have kids probably don’t get up as early as I do, and they definitely don’t use the early hours in the morning to catch up one some reading or an episode of SOA.

While it would be a flat-out lie to say that I’ve always been a so-called morning person, it’s quite accurate to state that I’ve always been very rigid about having time for my morning routine. For as long as I can remember I’ve always needed time in the morning. Time for what? Well, to do absolutely nothing, basically. To watch some morning shows on TV or read the newspaper. I’m absolutely dependent on having at least 30 minutes from the time I’m ready to leave the house to when I actually do leave the house.


A friend of mine had a fun theory on why I wound up this way:
My older sister and I were both very asthmatic kids. When we were little my mother would tuck us in on the couch every morning and put on Disney movies on VHS, and we had to sit there for 30 minutes with our nebulizer. I only have faint memories of this but I’d mentioned it to my friend before, and when we were vacationing together and talking about my intense need to not be rushed in the mornings, she said: ”Oh, well, that’s obviously because you got used to those non-negotiable 30 minutes of having to sit still and watch cartoons in the morning all those years.” Fascinating, right? Apparently I’ve never been able to shake the habit of having to sit down in peace and quiet every single morning. It never occurred to me before, but it did make sense when my friend made the connection.

I used to love staying up late and sleeping in on the weekends, but that’s all changed over the past 18 months. I’ve turned into one of those really annoying super-eager morning people and I’ve trained myself to naturally wake early.  I get up between 5.30-6.00 AM every single day and I swear you couldn’t pay me to go back to sleeping in all morning on the weekends. It’s not like I open my eyes up at 6.00AM every single morning without an alarm, but when that alarm goes off I feel completely rested and ready to get out of bed 98% of the time. I take my time getting ready, fixing my green smoothie for the day, making breakfast, drinking tea… and I have plenty of time left over to ”just hang out” and do what I feel like before I have to go to work.

Thanks, mom, for those daily 30 minutes of Disney movies in the morning when I was 3 years old! It’s ensured me stress-free mornings for 20 years and counting.

Why it’s awesome being a morning person:

+ Skipping the Monday blues. Being consistent with this has really made a huge different in my energy levels and it makes the transition from weekend to workweek 100% smoother.

+ Productivity. Those hours from 6-11 are GOLDEN for me; it’s like a magical time slot in which anything and everything can get done.

+ Kitchen prime time. It’s no secret that I love being behind the stove, and rising early gives me more time to prepare a good, hearty breakfast and to fix my lunchbox for the day. I love having time to actually cook things in the AM before work.

+ Quiet. There’s no one around to talk to and not many distractions at all. There’s only me and my thoughts, and I love having that time to myself to quiet my mind and make sure I’m calm and at ease when I actually do approach the day.

+ The playground is empty. What I love the most are those early Sunday morning hours… it sorta feels like you’re the only person in the world. It’s really nice to feel like I have the whole city to myself for once. Everything feels more spacious and airy and it’s pretty much the only time I have my regular running trail just out my doorstep all to myself. Bliss guaranteed!



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