An accidental vegetarian

Alright, so I’m not actually a vegetarian.

I’m just someone who is increasingly fascinated by all things diet and nutrition related, and who recently discovered that her eating habits mirrored those of a… well, vegetarian.


I had a conversation with a few friends friends about it recently and I told them how I was really surprised when I realized I’d hardly eaten any animal products at all in a month’s time and I hadn’t even noticed. Granted, I’ve become much more aware of the things I stuff my face with, but I have not thought about what kind of ”bracket” that would mean fitting in to. Is it possible that I’m becoming an accidental vegetarian?

This spring, I’ve been really focused on teaching myself how to take better care of the ol’ machinery and to actually learn about nourishment. I don’t want a life where I have to elimate things in my diet, where there are things I can’t or won’t eat. Who does? Sounds miserable to me. What I do want is a long and happy life with good health. Lightbulb moment: ”Well, in that case I should probably eat more things that are not made in a laboratories.”

This naturally lead to eating a lot more vegetables, because when you’re trying to avoid processed foods they become your obvious choice 90% of the time. And the more you eat vegetables, the more you crave vegetables. It’s really quite nifty! I never consciously made the choice to not eat chicken or fish or even meat, but I find that at this point I don’t really miss it and I’m feeling really good and happy about my salads and veggie dishes.

collage food accidental veggie

‘But oh no, you’re not gonna get enough protein and you’re gonna whither and die! Best fetch you a T-bone steak,’ cries the meat-eaters out there. Oh, please. If elephants, gorillas and 50% of dinosaurs can figure out how to get big and strong without eating fried chicken, I’m pretty sure I can work it out too. It’s not about eliminating, it’s about adding 😉

Here’s the thing: I don’t like the label ”vegetarian.”

  1. It tends to make people kind of judgemental of you and quick to point out if you’re ”doing it wrong.” If the mood strikes me next week and I really really want bacon with my toast, I’m gonna eat bacon. And I’m gonna enjoy it.
  2. People often automatically assume you’re an animal rights activist – or at the very least an animal lover. I’m not. I know that’s not really what people expect to hear, and I like puppies just as much as the next person, but I don’t really get emotionally evolved in the lives of animals. It doesn’t break my heart to eat a cow – that’s honesty for ya.
  3. I have no quarrel with meat. If I called myself a vegetarian, doesn’t it sort of imply that I made a conscious choice to stay away from it? I don’t think I’ll ever consciously make that choice.

Can I just be a person who is becoming more passionate about eating real food? Foods that nourishes me? Foods that don’t come with an ingredients list?

If that means I’m turning into an accidental vegetarian, so be it.

I’m sure I’ll make some cow very happy.

Xx Christine


One response

  1. Hi Christine,

    I can absolutely relate to this blog, I am very health conscience and my diet consists of very nutritious foods, lots of bright coloured fruits, leafy vegetables, all put together to make big nutritious yummy meals.

    When I arrive home from the supermarket, I notice that I have no meat in my grocery bags and although I dont do it on purpose, the ‘vegetarian’ diet obviously works well for me and I get so many benefits from all of the healthy foods that I consume instead.

    I read your other articles also, very interesting and I look forward to reading more 🙂

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