Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! 

I’m Christine – the proud mama of this little blog, and I’m so happy to have you here! My imminent move across a few world oceans in July is a big reason why I’m starting this blog, because it will be a great way to be able to connect with family and friends up north in Scandinavia while I am figuring out this higher education thing down in Australia.

BUT, for those of you who don’t know me personally – if I dare suggest that someone other than my mother and my closest friends might ever read this blog – I want to say that I sincerely hope to create a nice little nook over here where you can sit yourself down with a cup of tea, forget about the friggin’ laundry for a just a little bit, and take a peak into my world. If I can maybe put just a tiny bit of a smile on your face from time to time with my musings and observations, my enthusiasm for all things happiness-related, my love for shamelessly embellishing stories to make them more entertaining; well then I  would consider this blog a huge personal success.


Let’s make friends 🙂 – here’s a little bit about me: 

+ I’ve spent 90% of my adult life traveling, saving for traveling, living abroad, working in the travel industry, and in general being very preoccupied with wondering where to travel to next. I’ve lived in some really cool places (Egypt, Tenerife, Ohio, Cuba, Crete), I’ve seen some really awesome things in my travels, and I’ve had to deal with a lot of batsh*t crazy tourist behavior in my days as tour guide for Scandinavians. Fun stuff! I’m so psyched to share some of this with you.

+ I’m moving to the Sunshine Coast in Australia to study International Relations, and I am beyond excited to get to know this beautiful country and all it has to offer. So if you ever found yourself wondering what it’s like to live in a place that has a name with the word “sunshine” in it, and what it’s like to go to school there, then it’s a good idea to stick around.

+ I’m currently on a bit of a journey in terms of health and wellness. And by that I mean that somewhere along the way this year, dammit, they got to me. You know them. All those people in the media, in the blogosphere, in the holier-than-thou documentaries, in the New York Times Bestselling books. The ones who tell you to juice your vegetables, eat a lot of raw food, switch to a plant-based diet, tell yourself your love yourself in the mirror, quit dairy, meditate as if your life depended on it, and go hug trees. If you can’t find a tree, go hug something with dreadlocks.
I’m beginning to experiment a bit with this thing they’ve been yelling at me all along: that I am what I eat, and that food is medicine. Want someone completely human to try it out for you first, and then see if you like it? Well, hang around for a bit and I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you – for now 😉

+ As I much as I love to talk and share and be a social butterfly, there’s a bit of an introvert that lives inside me too and she tends to think a lot. Most of the time I think about food. And celebrity gossip. My favorite movies and TV series.  Mental checklists of things I want to get done this day/week/year/LIFE! Whether or not there really is a Tut-Ankh-Amon curse and wondering if I “caught” it when I was in his tomb all those times (because let’s be honest, mummies are the creepiest invention in the history of mankind.)
But every now and again, I produce some thoughts that do not only belong to a somewhat whimsical twenty-something, but might actually resonate with other people too. Here’s to the spirit of connectedness and an idea that maybe we can all relate to the things others ponder.

So happy you’re here, buddy! Glad you’re coming along for the ride!

Xx Christine


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